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High Quality, Reliable and Professional Contract and Subcontract Manufacturing

Who is Mexican Technology?

Mexican Technology Incorporated specializes in the area of Subcontract Manufacturing. Submit your specifications, materials and requirements and we will supply the qualified labor to deliver on time and at a great price- point. Mexican Technology is the brainchild of Dale Robinson. For references about his expertise you need only know that he is a founder of the Western Maquiladora Trade Association (WMTA) in San Diego. He currently serves as the President and Board Chairman of this highly respected organization serving the maquiladora industry. The Shelter Company he co-founded, Made in Mexico, was acquired in 2014 by a leader in the Shelter Services Industry, TECMA.


Dale Robinson
Mr. Dale Robinson offers over thirty-five years of proven success in the management of manufacturing facilities, with involvement in the Mexican maquiladora industry since 1979. Dale’s experience includes all phases of: Manufacturing Management, Industrial Relations, Plant Start-up, Cost Reduction, Budgeting, Manufacturing, Engineering, Manufacturing Controls, Plant Systems and Procedures and Quality Control Management.

Mr. Edwin Berry
Born and raised in Mexico City with a bi-lingual and bi-cultural education Mr. Berry offers a lifetime of practical knowledge and experience. Receiving formal training in Industrial Design, Business Administration and Communications Edwin adds a wide birth of expertise. Developing for over ten years as a franchise owner of multiple locations in the service sector industry he grasps the importance of individual issues as well as multi-faceted challenges of operating profitably. Utilizing his multi-national strengths during the 90’s while pursuing his interest in outsourcing international products he grew an import business of custom furnishings into establishing his own manufacturing operation in Mexico.

The new century presented a challenging opportunity to establish a Maquiladora operation from the site negotiations to a full fledge Mexican manufacturing enterprise, importing and exporting on a daily basis. Establishing every department Edwin delivered and became the Managing Supervisor, Legal Representative and Financial Officer for over 10 years allowing the parent company to compete aggressively in the world market thanks in part to the saving archived under his tutelage.

For the last five years Edwin has been the VP of Sales and Customer services for Made In Mexico Inc which is a "shelter services" and administrative service provider in the Tijuana region of Mexico. Our clients benefit from Mr. Berry’s understanding of manufacturing operations, international legalities, customs requirements and the meshing together of two business models of two different entities of different languages and cultures with a mission of doing business worldwide.

Mr. Salvador Lopez Caviedes
Whether your interests lie in setting up your own manufacturing in Mexico, Contract Manufacturing, Shelter, or Subcontract Manufacturing, we have the experience to guide you in the right direction. Our team will help you put together the best product possible at the best price. For the manufacture of your components, simply provide us with all the specs, dimensions and inputs and we will put together a comprehensive and competitive quote, help strategize on the most efficient timeline, and deliver the finished product.

Realize Your Product Vision

When it comes to creating and growing a successful product business having a reliable, professional and communicative manufacturing business providing support is essential. Our team has a range of substantial experience in the product manufacturing and subcontracting world which we passionately utilize to help our clients achieve and exceed their business goals. We know what it takes to successfully take an idea from idea to reality and have experience, understanding and knowledge we pass on to our customers to help them achieve consistent and noteworthy success. If you have a concept, idea or components in mind for your product or venture get in touch with Mexican Technology, Inc. today to jumpstart a discussion on how to create your products and scale your business venture.

The Strength of Tijuana

For the past 50 years Tijuana has established a solid reputation as a manufacturing leader in North America. Tijuana is home to 565 companies employing a workforce of over 185,000 highly qualified people. The long history of Maquiladoras manufacturing in this border city has solidified its place as one of the best choices for finding affordable, highly Read more…

Have an idea for a great product?

Do you have what you believe is a terrific idea for a great product? Don’t be like many who sit idly by and watch someone else make a fortune on a fantastic idea. Most people fail to make their dreams a reality because they fail to execute their vision. At Mexican Technology, Inc. we give our clients Read more…

Looking for great subcontract manufacturing pricing?

If you have product specifications and a plan and are looking for input on the best way to make your product look no further than Mexican Technology, Inc. Our staff has a vast experience in helping execute on our clients product plans at the best pricing, fastest turnaround time and highest quality communication in the industry. We Read more…

Achieving the right price point for subcontract manufacturing

When it comes to bringing a product from a blueprint to a tangible object for your business there are many variables one has to take into consideration. From the specific product components, projected timelines and price points to working with a company who is professional, reliable and able to help you scale your vision there are many Read more…

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